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Ninja Media

Grandmaster Law Goes to Ground

Grandmaster Law groundfighting

When Grandmaster Robert Law takes someone down, they stay down, as you can see from this picture.  Grandmaster Law is an amazing martial practitioner.  I have interviewed him several times over the years, and his intensity (although he is now over eighty years old) has not only never waned, it has increased.  He is the most totally focused martial practitioner that I have ever met.

He is the 29th Grandmaster of Yoshin Mijji Ryu and the 119th Grandmaster of Geijin Ryu.  When I asked him during an initial interview how it was possible to be the 119th grandmaster of any art, he told me “We go back a long way, and with what we do not everybody lived so long.”

His physical prowess is amazing, as he has demonstrated year after year at his Ninja summits.

You can learn more about Grandmaster Law and his art at www.ninja-training.com

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