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Who’s Got the Drama? Ninjas or Hackers?

Before we get to “Does Hatsumi Own the Ninja Arts?- Part 5 of 9,” lets see what perspective elite modern-day hackers can teach modern-day students of the Ninja.

First, Anonymous (elite hacker group) stories are present tense. Ninja stories are generally old and involve Japanese people we don’t know. And let’s face it- there really aren’t that many Ninja stories out there. They were clandestine folk with no marketing flair. Couldn’t really build a large following if they tried. Anonymous, on the other hand, is a clandestine group that is really, truly in our faces. They get away with things the Ninja never did (no computers back then).

And Anonymous’s activities are riveting drama. Aside from pre-teen testerone-ites and present-day Ninjutsu Grandmasters, who out there really gets worked up by listening to the story of yesterday’s Ninjas infiltrating a Samurai castle? Seriously.

Drones swooping down and killing a terrorist with a high precision military strike. Now that’s drama. Anonymous breaking into CNN and getting away with it- that’s exciting. That’s here and now and that’s edge of the seat stuff.

Who’s got the real Ninja lineage? Yawn. Maybe yawn squared.

So how did Stephen Hayes do it? How did he take our dusty old art and make it relevant after others before him failed?

Question: what do you get when you throw the founder of Aikido, the explosive growth of Korean Tae Kwan Do and Anonymous in a marketing blender?
The answer is in the next post, where we continue to explore the question “Does Hatsumi Own the Ninja Art?”

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