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Ninja Assassins and Iconic Pop Culture

ninja assassin

Wicked weapons, killer moves and Bloody battles at its all-time Best!

“If the Wachowski brothers’ Speed Racer was the ultimate tribute to family friendly classic cartoons, Ninja Assassin is the ultimate tribute to 80s martial arts B movies like “Enter the Ninja,” video games like “Ninja Gaiden,” and the Ultra-violent anime genre titles like Ninja Scroll.(Already noticed the name “Ninja” in all the titles mentioned? well, what a coincidence!). It is violent, it is bloody and packed to the gills with action. Every thing else ends up playing second fiddle to the fights.”  Author: xamtaro

That review of the movie by an ardent admirer of pop culture ninja, by xamtaro, defines the problem for serious practitioners of ninjutsu.  Seldom, save in the case of pirates and possibly the Knights Templar, have such serious pursuits have been taken to comic book heights by their admirers.

Here’s a clip from another review of the movie “Ninja Assassin” by a savvy reviewer known as The-Arbiter:

“The reason why Ninja Assassin is so friggin cool is because you know that the people making this movie had one thing in mind… Have a ton of Ninjas kill each other. Ninja Assassin is a fun guys night out type movie, at least that’s how I saw this movie. Though some people walked out booing, I walked out cheering because I came in and honestly just wanted a huge body count and a ton of blood and boy did they deliver.”  Author: The-Arbiter

And a yet more thoughtful review commentary by an insightful analyst going by the name of rivertam26

“Who knew that the most insanely violent, ridiculously brutal and psychotically gory film of the year would be Ninja Assassin. Look there’s not much to it think 300 with Ninjas or Braveheart with less emotional involvement and ninjas. It’s quite obvious that the people responsible for this film set out to make the most ass kicking Ninja movie and they even one uped themselves. I remember when I was younger Ninjas were kinda cool but since than they’ve lost their flair and so has the martial arts genre in general this one brings all that back with a hellacious gut punch. Visually the film is incredible. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The fighting is quick, furious and the story although not completely involving is involving enough so that we kinda like the characters. What the film does explosively well is decapitate, disembowel and explode it’s victims across it’s blood soaked screen.”  Author: rivertam26

What’s interesting to me is that each of the reviewers are nice people who love their ninjas and are, in fact, aware that what they’re watching in this movie and almost every ninja movie ever made is just pop culture driven to iconic heights.  Better than turning politicians into anime, but still mostly just what is known down south as “wild-ass fun.”  But where are the serious ninja movies?   Is anyone writing serious ninja screenplays these days that deal with the reality of the art?

An-Shu Stephen K. Hayes has made the only serious attempts to do this, although there are rumors that Dr. Michel Farivar, author of Ninja Tools and Weapons is working on a Ninja screenplay and plans to have it finished by the end of this year.  An-Shu Hayes is a highly disciplined and creative individual as  evidenced by his prodigious manuscript output.

For years we have been waiting for Grandmaster Hatsumi to bring serious ninja fiction to film, but he now seems too busy and perhaps too old to tackle such a challenge.

We’re rooting for An-Shu Hayes and/or Dr. Farivar to bring a new generation of ninja films to audiences.  You should root for them, too, or all we’ll have to watch are movies like Ninja Assassin.  That could hurt your brain and even cause mental warts.

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