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Ninja Media

Ninja Kuji Boxed Set by Stephen Hayes

kugi in by stephen hayes

In his Kuji Box Set, Ninja Stephen K. Hayes shows us again why he is considered one of the 10 most influential martial artists in history.

In this double DVD set covering both the arcane arts the Kuji In and the Kuji Kiri, An-Shu Hayes makes the obscure mysticism which underlies these secret practices understandable and usable for a modern practitioner of the Ninja arts. I’ve heard the Kuji In and Kuji Kiri described as everything from nonsense to useless by a wide variety of critics. An-Shu Hayes shows their true meaning and value of developing our will and human potential through the disciplined practice and application of the Ninja hand positions or mudhras, as they are known in their countries of origin.

This is not a sales pitch for An-shu Hayes, it’s a strong personal recommendation to go to his website and buy this 2 DVD set today.  Why?  Because it was great.  Watching him perform the Kuji In hand positions alone was worth the whole thing.

The production quality of An-Shu Hayes’s videos is impressive, which makes it so much easier to concentrate on learning what he’s teaching. Like perhaps many of you, I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years on martial arts videos put together by great martial artists that were just a waste of money because the quality was so poor it was hard to learn from them. In one such memorable series, the cameraman was hit by a partner thrown by the grandmaster and the camera went rolling across the mat. In another, I could hear all the support staff speaking but could barely understand the instructor.

Not so with An-Shu Hayes. When you buy his videos, you’re getting epic instruction that seems like it came straight from Hollywood. His videos are that well done.

I’d give this Ninja Kuji boxed set a five out of five star rating.

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