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Ninja Media

Japanese Police Techniques

The Police Officer's Essential Illustrated guide Kenpo


Enter a new translation of The Police Officer’s Essential Guide by Tetsutaro Hisatomi revealing techniques some of which have been rather obscure for over a century.

What a fascinating view into the evolving world of Japanese martial techniques as they make their way into a changing Japanese culture.  A vivid translation we highly recommend you buy.

It is the …”English translation of a fully illustrated Japanese Police Martial Arts Manual originally published in 1888. Twenty chapters on fighting, resuscitation and Hojo Japanese rope binding techniques from sixteen Ryuha, or schools of martial arts, along with a history of each school and its current head (as of 1888). Sure to be a helpful guide for anyone regularly dealing with vagabonds, miscreants, scoundrels or men and women of ill repute. The original Japanese book is reproduced with a full English translation beside it. First time in translation. Includes additional never before translated material by Kano Jigoro the founder of Judo.”

Worth buying!


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