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Virtual Reality and the Ninja



Virtual Reality for the Ninja is here.  Time to celebrate.  Seriously.

The decrepit yet honorable, dusty yet venerable, historical yet histrionically inadequate training methods of the past are about to die a long overdue death.  Ding dong, the Ninja training witch is soon to be dead.

Who is he sneaky, elite assassin behind this?  I’m glad you asked because the answer isn’t a hired killer from a formerly unknown Ninja assassin clan- it’s science.  Virtual Reality training methods are on the rise and they’re a lot better than the old ways.  Any Ninja who doesn’t agree with me just hasn’t tried them out.

We don’t have to live in the past.  We can change.  In fact, ninjutsu is all about conscious adaptability and growth.

Today’s Virtual Reality methods are merging with AI so that we can scientifically evaluate not only the viability of techniques and reaction dynamics, but we can explore variant alternatives proposed by the Artificial Intelligence embedded within that Virtual Reality.

Think of it.  Train anywhere, anytime with an opponent whose knowledge and technique base is superior to your Grandmaster.

And think of this- in the old model you were the Grandmasters flunky.  In the new training world of Virtual Reality/ Artificial Intelligence, the VRAI ( short for Virtual Reality/ Artificial Intelligence) is there to serve and please you, not the other way around.  But how then do we learn to respect others and develop self-discipline?  Well, there’s a module for that, too.  Not really, but if we need a Grandmaster or a VRAI for that, we need to seriously upgrade our social life.  Maybe there’s an app for that.

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