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Ninja Media

Sound Weapons and the Ninja

Remember the good old Ninja days where the worst a Ninja faced was a Samurai wielding an incredibly sharp sword instead a middle aged, overweight security guard with sound weapons like an incredibly powerful sonic cannon? Well, probably not, because none of us were alive back then. Still, there are ninjutsu practitioners who wax poetic about the killing capacity of a katana as though it were somehow more “mystically superior” to a rail gun.

Look, they’ll both kill you. One you’ll have a chance against (the katana), but the modern day sonic cannon you can’t. So get over the sword fetish. Modern day ninjutsu practitioners are more likely to face a Smith and Wesson than nunchucks or swords. But, increasingly, modern ninjutsu practitioners are more likely to face new, more sophisticated weapons. Try doing a wrist lock on a 400 pound, titanium reinforced armed robot guard and see how far it gets you. I don’t think the robot will tap out first.

If modern ninjutsu practitioners don’t face up the need to seriously ramp up our games to deal with these types of weapons and their attendant scenarios, we might as well just take up soccer.

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