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Everything is a Weapon- Part One of Three


With a growing outrage to take away firearms weapons from citizens, what exactly will men and women use to defend their homes during a break in? When my arthritic mother was in her late seventies, five men broke down the back door of his her house and took whatever of her belongings they could get away with. Fortunately, she wasn’t home at the time. But if she had been, I don’t like to think what could have happened to her.

In her sixties, a gun wielding thug accosted her at a gas station by putting a pistol to her head. This had happened to her a few times before. Guess what city she lived next to.

So how about you? If the Congress and a President vote and agree to take away your firearms, what will you defend yourself with when criminals bust down your door?

Let’s say, as they so often are- that they’re armed? Then what? A broomstick against a shotgun? Or how about if you use the feared bag-of-cat-food defense against the intruder’s Smith and Wesson MP Shield?

The fact is that this is a reality we may have to confront.

Last year, a crackhead criminal tried breaking in to our house while I was upstairs going to the bathroom. It was a little awkward, but fortunately he was trying to squeeze through a window that was way, way to small for him. He was still trying to back out of the frame by the time I got there.

But this whole topic made me remember what Grandmaster Law said when I last interviewed him. I was talking to him about the day my mother was carjacked. She had her car window open. Always a mistake in Detroit. I told him I wished she’d had a gun. He said, “People are hung up on guns. You’re not always going to have a gun with you. You have to look around. Everything can be a weapon- everything. Even an open car window.”

I almost laughed when he tapped the side of his head with his forefinger. But he was serious.

So for the next few posts, we’re going to take a look at that concept.

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