April 21, 2019


The Ninja Art of Invisibility -

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Throwing Stars -

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Everything is a Weapon- Part One of Three -

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Vanishing into Mist -

Friday, May 11, 2018

Escaping a Sealed Choke -

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Ninja Invisibility -

Monday, April 9, 2018

Ninja and the MicroChip

The Ninja and the MicroChip has the ring of a good, futuristic documentary.  Unfortunately, it’s already happening, and gaining speed.  What does the mean to the future of ninjutsu stealth strategies?  Or, perhaps you’re too busy shopping for tabis to give this type of thing much thought.  Reenacting the past glories of Japan can be fun, but how about moving our art into the present?  Maybe even becoming the leading edge again the way the Ninja used to?

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Is Hatsumi Qualified to Teach New Weapons?

No, Hatsumi is not qualified to teach new Ninja Weapons.  Get over it.  Ninjutsu is not about Hatsumi worship.  Ninjutsu is an evolutionary art.  If you want to live in the past, visit a Renaissance Festival.  Watch the young man in this video and get with where ninjutsu is going.  If not, go back to polishing your nunchucks or dusting your photo of Hatsumi dying his hair.  He’s an old man, let the art he teaches live with dignity by encouraging it to evolve.  Spell it with me: SCIENCE.  It’s the real Ninja art.

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Drones for Ninjas?

Watch this ABC video and tell us you don’t think drones and drone technology should be included in our art.

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Anonymous on the Coming War

 We hear the drumbeats of the coming war in this video where the Cyber Ninjas at Anonymous gives their grim take on the North Korea matter. But let us ask you—as a Ninjutsu practitioner, how will this affect you?  Do the Ninja arts fade away if there is a nuclear assault by either side, or will we need them more than ever?  What do you think?

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Robot Security

Much of ninjutsu is ancient history, and if we don’t start looking ahead at how to deal with robot security, we’re going to end up as nothing more than martial arts reenactors. Watch this video and tell me differently.

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The New Ninjas

  We’re excited to announce the new book The New Ninjas by staff member Ferrel D. Moore, which is available on our site for pre-order.  It will also be listed at Amazon for pre-order as well.  The New Ninja will focus on the evolution of ninjutsu into something never, ever imagined by the old masters.  Although we’ll look ahead to the future, consider that the old staple highly trained Ninja dogs have been replaced by robotic AI.  We now live in a world dominated by the Internet of Things, and where cloud computing can interface with personal objects at a remote…

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Cyber Ninjas Anonymous and WikiLeaks Expose the CIA

Two of the world’s most famous CyberNinja groups are exposing the activities of the CIA.  It’s like the feudal Ninja being at war with the Samurai.  CIA has the money, the weapons and the power.  WikiLeaks and Anonymous have….Ninja skills!  As in the days of the Ninja’s heyday, both groups are denounced as enemies of the state.  Oddly enough, the Ninja demon masks and the Guy Fawkes masks of the Ninja kind of serve the same purpose.  The similarities keep stacking up.  

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Julian Assange- CyberNinja or Cyber Terrorist?

When it comes to Julian Assange, no two people share the same view, but one thing is for sure- like him or hate him he sure has some CyberNinja moves. In feudal Japan, the Ninja weaponized everyday tools. So much so that it was hard to tell workmen from Ninja. Julian Assange has taught the CIA and other world intelligence organizations a thing or two about weaponizing information. So the question is whether he is a heroic antihero CyberNinja or just a hacker for hire out to the highest government bid. As always, you decide.

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Virtual Reality and the Ninja


  Virtual Reality for the Ninja is here.  Time to celebrate.  Seriously. The decrepit yet honorable, dusty yet venerable, historical yet histrionically inadequate training methods of the past are about to die a long overdue death.  Ding dong, the Ninja training witch is soon to be dead. Who is he sneaky, elite assassin behind this?  I’m glad you asked because the answer isn’t a hired killer from a formerly unknown Ninja assassin clan- it’s science.  Virtual Reality training methods are on the rise and they’re a lot better than the old ways.  Any Ninja who doesn’t agree with me just hasn’t tried them…

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The Future of Ninja Grandmasters- Part 1 of 2

  Are today’s Ninja Grandmasters already outdated?  Do they spend more time polishing their legacy crowns than they do taking the art in newer, more productive directions?  Can Grandmaster Maasaki Hatsumi devise strategies for dealing biometrics, or is he effectively retired? Do any of the current crop of Ninja Grandmasters accept the coming challenges of the machine technologies arrayed against us?  Let me put this another way, why is it that a twelve year old is better at manipulating Facebook than a Ninja grandmaster?  Is it possible that Edward Snow is a better Ninja than Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi? As students…

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