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Ninja Tools & Weapons

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The Ninja are a fascinating, mysterious presence in our world. Ninjutsu was developed not only for survival but also to triumph against overwhelming odds. But little is known about the Ninja’s weapons and mind-set.

The weapons of Ninjutsu are unusual and unorthodox. Though they have been popularized by the public’s expanding interest in the Ninja arts, they remain poorly understood. Glamorization of this method of defense has led to a publicly perceived disassociation from its origins as a “peasant art.” Ninja Tools and Weapons provides a reframing of the skills of Ninjutsu, closer to the discipline’s lower-class roots.

Author Michel Farivar attempts to clarify the origins of the weapons Ninjutsu as well as provide insight into the mindset that developed them. As Ninjutsu moves into the modern age, this clarification process continues and remains relevant to those interested in the anatomy and evolution of conflict.


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