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Monday, April 9, 2018


Tengu: Mountain Goblin

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Silver Finalist – 2009 Benjamin Franklin Award. Mystery/SuspenseFinalist - 2008 Book of the Year Award by ForeWord MagazineFinalist – 2008 USA Best Book Award
[Japan] An intelligence analyst is murdered on temple grounds.
[Manila] Two embassy guards go missing and a bizarre execution video is discovered by a special-forces team.
[New York] Martial arts expert Connor Burke is hired as a consultant for an elite US Army training program.
[Mindanao Philippines] A young Japanese ethnographer from Harvard University is kidnapped by a terrorist cell of Abu Sayeff.
A renegade martial arts Sensei known as the Tengu has been recruited to train a splinter group of Asian terrorists with links to Al Qaeda.
The Tengu mourns the vanished prestige and cultural heritage of Imperial  Japan. He, like the men he trains, believes the West is responsible for destroying the spiritual essence of a once-great culture.   In a series of violent clashes spawned by the bizarre intersection of contemporary fundamentalist terrorist ideology and the personal vendettas of the Tengu, Connor Burke and his martial arts teacher  Yamashita are pawns in a game that will ensnare them while they search for the most deadly of foes: the Tengu.

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