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bat in the rafters 300x400

We’re open to all serious ninjutsu styles, and as such we’re interested in content from Bujinkan, Genbukan, Geijin Ryu, Way of the Winds or any of the other established ninja arts. If you’re interested in providing content, please contact us.

Why those in modern times still interested in the Ninja? The answer differs from person to person.  Martial artists may grapple with the answer, but any good writer knows the answer. It is because of the dramatic legends that surround them.  In a word, it is the whispered myths and legends that swirl about them that strike awe into us.

There is, in fact, no concrete history of the ninja.  What we have instead is myth and legends and shadows. What we can learn from these is that world of the Ninja was a window to a world of unbalanced power, class conflict and the inevitable struggle caused by culture of the times but a metaphor for the world we live in today.  The conflict between Ninja and samurai is, in fact, an excellent metaphor for those who, with few resources and numbers, can stand up to those with absolute power and inexhaustible resources.

Dr. Farivar’s pen and ink drawing “Bat in the Rafters” illustrates how the Ninja were able to shift this paradigm to their advantage.



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