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Everything is a Weapon- Part One of Three -

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Vanishing into Mist -

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Ninja Invisibility -

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Drones for Ninjas?

Watch this ABC video and tell us you don’t think drones and drone technology should be included in our art.

Reiki, Chi Kung and the Kuji In; Part 1 of 4

  I was told once that the Ninja art of the Kuji In is not so special, that in fact many of the older Japanese practice it all the time without any knowledge of the Ninja arts; I have been told that Reiki is not special either, that its symbols have been around for a long time in Japan.  Practitioners of these arts are surprised to see that the true origin of such things is from ancient India and their practiced use of the energy manipulation techniques associated with the Mudhra.  The Chinese assert their claims to these methods of…

Geijin Ryu: The Ninja Art of Grandmaster Law- Part 9 of 9

  In learning Geijin Ryu, one of the earliest experiences I had was fear that what I was getting into was a dangerous and potentially immoral path. I was a very idealistic young man at the time and it would be fair to say that I was afraid and saddened by the lack of consideration people have for each others sufferings in the world. This fear was counter-balanced by the belief that learning martial arts and using them ethically and only ethically was a choice that I retained, and indeed that was and is true. As a teen, I was…

Geijin Ryu: The Ninja Art of Grandmaster Law- Part 8 of 9

  Grandmaster Law commonly refers to the Ninja Geijin Ryu as a “mind art”, explaining that one of the most challenging aspects is being able to understand it beyond the fighting skills and performance of techniques. Already the fighting skills embody principles that apply beyond their direct application. These concepts are not simple facts to be remembered, they are internalized as a way of being and doing things. Variously throughout the previous posts I have written about strategy as it pertains to Geijin Ryu fighting arts. Grandmaster Law has taught that Geijin Ryu is the main art of the ones…

Geijin Ryu: The Ninja Art of Grandmaster Law- Part 7 of 9

shinobi ninja

  Geijin Ryu uses stealth, concealment and deception at all times. This aspect of the teaching and training is followed closely and to a high degree. These are strategies embodied in techniques and general methodology. It is taught at Geijin Ryu, that in order to be proficient in these elements of the art, it is important to practice them all the time, not only when practicing the martial arts. These practices can even influence the way you live. They invite a way of thinking, and open the senses to environmental and communication subtleties that are not as clearly discerned without…

Geijin Ryu: The Ninja Art of Grandmaster Law- Part 6 of 9

ninja techniques

  Building on earlier points that explain the need for freedom of movement, there is the fundamental aspect of Geijin Ryu’s system that all techniques can blend together. Every technique blends with every other technique. Grandmaster law has been adamant that this is the case because there are no stops or blocking in the movements. But why is this important and what is the relevance for combative application? There are implications on a number of levels, and as is typical of combative systems there are many nuances. On the most fundamental level it means that once you have engaged the…

Geijin Ryu: The Ninja Art of Grandmaster Law- Part 4 of 9

ninja training

    Training is like jumping into a river that continues to flow though the lives of the teacher and the students, the teacher being the source. All martial arts teachers interested in the continuing development of their arts change what and how they teach as they mature. They sometimes discard early practices or incorporate new ones and frequently change the priorities of what they teach to their students. Some teachers have been criticized as being hypocritical because of this or grandiose for not faithfully following the interpretations of their own teachers. Some feel that a martial arts curriculum should…

Geijin Ryu: The Ninja Art of Grandmaster Law- Part 2 of 9

ninja gun defense

by Michel Farivar, MD Author of Ninja Tools and Weapons Ninja Grandmaster Law has never given actual names to any of his techniques. Training in his art; it rapidly becomes obvious why this is so. There are too many techniques and so-called variations to start giving them names. We do use categories that are generally the same as those used in other arts. Many martial arts have core curricula and require the competent demonstration of these techniques for ranks to be awarded. Another common facet of martial arts training is to start with a core movement, and then analyze it…

Fudo’s Autopsy- Post Mortem of a Ninja God- Part 1 of 2

ninja god

  The Ninja god Fudo is effectively dead.  Some mourned his passing, most did not.  Ninjutsu has moved on.  In a world where Industrial Light and Magic and Pixar can create more terrifying and effective deities than artists of the Shingon Buddhist sect, his days were numbered anyway. Unlike the serene visage of Babaji of Paramahansa Yogananda fame (Yogananda wrote Autobiography of a Yogi), Fudo looks an angry gang member on fire with vampire teeth and is sometimes shown with three eyes.  Not an attractive deity to be sold to a Western ninjutsu audience.  Take a look at the happy guy…