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Everything is a Weapon- Part One of Three -

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Vanishing into Mist -

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Everything is a Weapon- Part One of Three

  With a growing outrage to take away firearms weapons from citizens, what exactly will men and women use to defend their homes during a break in? When my arthritic mother was in her late seventies, five men broke down the back door of his her house and took whatever of her belongings they could get away with. Fortunately, she wasn’t home at the time. But if she had been, I don’t like to think what could have happened to her. In her sixties, a gun wielding thug accosted her at a gas station by putting a pistol to her…

Brian Anse Patrick Passes

Back in October 2016 we discussed the value to ninjutsu strategy of Brian Anse Patrick’s groundbreaking work in propaganda.  Now, less than three months later, we post concerning his death.  What follows is quoted respectfully in its entirety from Ammoland.com, where Dr. Patrick contributed work on firearms.  Dr. Patrick was an outstanding competitive shooter, as you will see from the quoted article below:   “USA –  -(Ammoland.com)- Very sad news, AmmoLand contributor Brian Anse Patrick has died from cancer. “He was professor of communications at the University of Toledo, pro-gun, and a brilliant writer and speaker. He authored “The Ten Commandments of Propaganda,” “The…

Propaganda and the Ninja

Ninja Propaganda

Ninjutsu is an art of continual learning and evolving amid a world of propaganda that defines the world around them.  Society and cultural norms change, and the wise Ninja learns to change as well, so that he or she will blend in with that society and not be identified for who they really are.  In one very important sense, it is a camouflage technique. The problem that most students of the ninja arts encounter is that this time of thinking is too vague to be of help in successfully understanding and influencing the world around them.  But help has arrived,…

Geijin Ryu: The Ninja Art of Grandmaster Law- Part 8 of 9

  Grandmaster Law commonly refers to the Ninja Geijin Ryu as a “mind art”, explaining that one of the most challenging aspects is being able to understand it beyond the fighting skills and performance of techniques. Already the fighting skills embody principles that apply beyond their direct application. These concepts are not simple facts to be remembered, they are internalized as a way of being and doing things. Variously throughout the previous posts I have written about strategy as it pertains to Geijin Ryu fighting arts. Grandmaster Law has taught that Geijin Ryu is the main art of the ones…

Geijin Ryu: The Ninja Art of Grandmaster Law- Part 7 of 9

shinobi ninja

  Geijin Ryu uses stealth, concealment and deception at all times. This aspect of the teaching and training is followed closely and to a high degree. These are strategies embodied in techniques and general methodology. It is taught at Geijin Ryu, that in order to be proficient in these elements of the art, it is important to practice them all the time, not only when practicing the martial arts. These practices can even influence the way you live. They invite a way of thinking, and open the senses to environmental and communication subtleties that are not as clearly discerned without…

Geijin Ryu: The Ninja Art of Grandmaster Law- Part 5 of 9

ninja techniques

  Teaching martial arts has many pitfalls. As we try to approximate real application of techniques, the risk of injury increases. Also, what can be done at slow speed, may not work quite so well when having to react quickly. Practicing is completely different when there is time to think. Testimonials from survivors of assault talk about how different actual fighting feels from practicing in a dojo. There are important and fundamental reasons for this. Anyone who has ever experienced desperation, panic and rage can tell you it isn’t something you can just “snap out of”. If these occur during…